Funeral Posters


Honor your loved one’s memory with a specially created and customized memorial poster. These are perfect to display at the funeral or service itself, to greet all the guests as they arrive. Each is 36″ by 24″, and printed on a foam board that is perfectly sturdy and rigid, and is best displayed on an easel for maximum effectiveness. And you don’t need to worry about being kept waiting- if you complete your order before 3PM EST, we’ll make sure your poster is dispatched to you the very same day, so you can ensure you will receive it in plenty of time. We also include a PDF version of the poster as part of our service, so feel free to use this on social media. Alternatively, you could even commission a separate canvas print of this work of art to display on a wall as a permanent symbol of remembrance.

So what is included on the poster? Well, that is entirely up to you- it might be a specially curated and customized photo collage, to capture all of your loved one’s most cherished memories and presenting a comprehensive overview of a life well-lived. Or it might simply be a portrait or favorite image of your loved one- something that captures them in their very best light. To maintain a stylish and uniform look, you can utilize the same image and color template for the memorial programs, color photo books (24 pages) as well as welcome signs and any other decorations you need for the perfect celebration of life.

Making your own customized memorial poster could not be simpler thanks to our handy templates. To begin with, select the right image of your loved one, then manually input their name and dates. You can use a standard message such as “In Memory,” or else come up with a personalized text all your own. And if you struggle to select just one photograph, then feel free to compile a collage of some of your favorite photos. This is a great way to reflected the multifaceted nature of your loved one’s personality, and to reflect a host of wonderful memories. For permanent keepsakes, all you need to do is add custom bookmarks or cards to your order and they will be ready for you to distribute to all the mourners.

Our customized 36″ by 24″ posters are very striking, and are certain to catch the eye of each and every mourner. Our templates include a range of impressive backgrounds, with individualized messages and quotations, as well as the option to add a photograph of your choice. Find the right theme to fit your loved one’s personality: we offer military and religious imagery, as well as more generalized landscapes or floral designs. Whatever your loved one’s preferences, we are here to transform them into a gorgeous work of art.

There are only so many ways the funeral home can help you with planning the service. Because of course, nobody knows the dearly departed better than you. But it can be difficult at times like these to find the right words. So if you are ever struggling for inspiration, please check out our handy blog which contains a run-down of so many different options for texts to honor the departed. These include poetry or bible verses, as well as witty and salient quotes that are perfect for a respectful memorial. We are here to provide all the guidance you need on writing eulogies and obituaries, as well as creating the perfect memorial program.

As well as our range of personalized posters, we are also proud to offer prayer cards, bookmarks, signs, programs and guest books, as well as a host of other mementos for you to cherish for ever and ever. We’ve got the right product to make the funeral process go as smoothly as possible, every step of the way. And if you need any assistance, our friendly staff is on hand to handle your queries. Just give us a call on (713) 425-3797 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process of customizing your design or managing your order. Don’t worry about lengthy delays either- we make sure that any order received before 3PM EST is dispatched the very same day.

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