The Best 11 Black Owned Funeral Homes in Dallas, Texas

Bragg Funeral Home

Black owned funeral homes help families to plan for ceremonies in celebration of lives lived. These can include a prepared wake either in a chapel, church or at your home residence.  Funeral service providers also facilitate the transportation of your loved one from the place of death to the funeral home.

Furthermore, they offer reception and other services to help ease your pain from the demise of your loved one.

Some of the best black-owned funeral homes in Dallas include the following: –

1. Peaceful Rest Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Since 1999, Peaceful Rest Funeral Home has been providing care and compassion to the families of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex region.  The company employees are all experts in the industry who are committed to premier professionalism and customer support. 

Additionally, this company offers the most reasonable funeral prices in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. More so, quality merchandise is also available to families in time of need.

What Services Does Peaceful Rest Funeral Home offer?

The company offers five levels of funeral services. All the packages include professional services, memorial DVDs, color programs, memorial pictures, death certificates, and register books. However, some aspects are different in each category.

Wade funeral package 

This category includes a gauge non-protective casket, one escort, standard color programs, and a single carnation spray.

Treemont funeral package

This package includes a premium 20-gauge non-protective casket, limousine, one escort, and a single carnation spray.

Bronze funeral package

The Bronze package includes flowers, a limousine, one escort, two matching side pieces, and tri-fold color programs.


This funeral service level includes an 18-gauge casket, limousine, 2two escorts, and thank you cards.

Gold funeral package

This funeral package includes a premium 18-gauge casket, two limousines, two escorts, a floral bouquet, and a dove release. Additionally, the gold funeral package offers small color booklet programs and thank you cards, and obituary photos in the local newspaper.

2. Carrillo Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Carrillo Funeral Home has grown from one chapel in 1998 to four funeral homes today. The company offers 24/7 compassionate support to families who have lost a loved one in the Dallas community.

What Services Does Carillo Funeral Home Offer?


Are you looking to eulogize your loved one in a way that reminds you of the beautiful life that he lived? Carrillo Funeral Homes can help you honor your loved one in more than one unique way. Some of what the company offers include: –

  • Play your loved one’s favorite music.
  • Display cherished possessions such as tools or books.
  • Produce a tribute video or other print media such as pamphlets and prayer cards.
  • Release doves or balloons in the air.


Carrillo Funeral Home offers catering services to help you celebrate a life. The company strives to add meaning to sharing a meal with family and friends, making it a special occasion. You can select menus from the finest caterers in Dallas, Texas. The catering service providers offer a variety of American and Mexican cuisines, wines, and beer.

Carrillo Funeral Home’s chapel also offers complimentary Starbucks tea, coffee, and water. 

Interactive Grief Support

This funeral home offers bereavement resources to families who have lost a loved one from the time of death, during and after the funeral. You can find help from various support groups, chapel libraries and other unique programs that specialize in aftercare. 

3. Sandra Clark Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Sandra Clark Funeral Home provides memorable remembrance experiences to families in Dallas. The company helps to add meaning to the celebrations of your loved one’s life. More so, this facility is the leading provider of creating healing encounters in the Dallas community.

What Services Does Sandra Clark Funeral Home Offer?

Permanent memorialization

You may want to dedicate a special place in honor of your loved one. Somewhere family or friends can spend time and find comfort in remembering their deceased. Sandra Clark Multicultural Funeral Home specializes in creating a unique lasting memorial.

The company can help you create a permanent place in a cremation garden, cemetery, or mausoleum where you and other family members can visit regularly.

Pet Services

Today, humans find animal companions who make life more meaningful. It is easy to get attached to your pet that you find it so heartbreaking to let go when the time comes. Sandra Clark Multicultural Funeral Home can help you take care of your pet’s physical remains.

The company offers private cremation services that ensure your pet’s remains get cremated in a chamber alone. After the process, your pet’s ashes are placed in an urn of your choice and returned to you.

Burial Services

The company helps to organize and support ceremonies for families who choose to burial their beloved. It is common for families to have burial services held in a church or memorial chapel. However, some will prefer a more flexible service at the loved one’s residence. Additionally, you can request to have or not the casket present during the funeral service. 

4. Lomax Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

The history of Lomax Funeral Home dates back to December 1989.  The company offers professional funeral services and support to families during challenging times. The company is committed to providing the Dallas community with an elegant, lasting eulogy to loved ones.

What Services Does Lomax Funeral Home Offer?

Funeral Service

The company facilitates funeral service arrangements for families who choose to bury or cremate their loved ones. Additionally, you can request a traditional funeral or have a custom service for your loved one.  

Lomax Funeral Home strives to provide a pleasing environment where you and your friends can honor your loved one.  Clients can also request other services such as flowers, funeral programs, prayer cards, and more.

Memorial Service

Lomax Funeral home professionals understand that you value the memories of your loved one. That is why the company assists you in planning for a memorial service either at the funeral home, your residence, or the final resting place of your loved one.

5. Black & Clark; Black Owned Funeral Homes

The most sought after Black & Clark Funeral Home has over 106 years of experience in the funeral industry. The Dallas-based company specializes in serving families and individuals in the region during the demise of a loved one.

What Services Does Black & Clark Offer?

cemetery flowers and an American Flag

Traditional Funerals

The company helps you with the burial preparations, which include visitation and funeral service. They also make arrangements for the casket to be available at both events. 

Black & Clark can assist customers choose the type of cemetery to use, and they also provide gravestones upon your request. 


The company offers cremation as an alternative way of burial or disposition. Some families prefer to have the remains preserved in special containers, while others dispose of the ashes in the ocean or open space.

Funeral Planning

It is common for people to plan for events like holidays, weddings, retirement, and more. However, making your funeral arrangements helps your loved ones to worry less once you’ve passed.

Black & Clark offers you pre-planning options to help reduce the financial and emotional burden on your family. More so, planning gives your family and friends peace of mind.

6. Paradise Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Paradise Funeral Home boasts of 26 years of excellent service to the families of Dallas with compassion. The company’s team of experts helps families plan the celebrations of lives lived. More so, when you visit this facility, the staff are kind and give you premier reception.

What Services Does Paradise Funeral Home Offer?

Online Memorials

The company can help you set up an online memorial to eulogize your loved one and inform guests about the funeral service. Some of the information indicated in the virtual memorial includes dates, times, and the location of the funeral services. 

Additionally, you can add photos and comments to this memorial. More so, guests can make donations, order flowers, and sign a guest book. 

Funeral Services

Paradise Funeral Home facilitates funeral services for families in Dallas to honor their loved ones. The company can also hold the ceremonies in their chapel, your church, at the cemetery, or in your residence.  The company allows you to explore other ways to celebrate your loved one’s life.

Further, the funeral home provides direct cremation with a memorial service, direct burials, out-of-town services, and graveside services. You can also request to have a marker and monument, dove release, urns, suits, video tribute, and burial gowns.


Planning a funeral before it happens helps you and your family accomplish your wishes with minimal or no difficulties. Paradise Funeral Home can walk you through various options and help you understand whether or not cremation is an option to consider.

Pre-planning a funeral helps relieve your family of the burden of making a difficult decision during a time of grief.

7. Hughes Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Hughes Funeral Homes help families create dignified memorial services that honor the life of loved ones. The professional staff ensures that you receive customized assistance to meet your unique requirements.

What Services Does Hughes Funeral Home Offer?

  • Basic and full-service cremation choices
  • Traditional funerals
  • Graveside ceremonies
  • Memorial services
  • Collaboration with other funeral service providers
  • Pre-planning
  • Grief support

Further, the company also offers you options to plan for your arrangements.

8. Sacred Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Sacred Funeral Home is a family-owned and operated business located in Dallas, Texas. This company has served the Dallas community since 2006 to date.  

This funeral service provider specializes in preparing the living and their departed loved ones for a sacred transition.

What Services Does Samaria Funeral Home Offer?


Choosing cremation doesn’t diminish the way families can honor the loved one’s life. Sacred Funeral Home allows you to choose how to deal with the physical remains of your loved one. Moreover, the company also provides other options for the family to have a funeral or memorial service.


Sacred Funeral Home offers an exquisite environment in which your family and friends can gather to honor your loved one. The company helps families create meaningful commemorations to show the genuine uniqueness of their loved ones. You can choose to have a formal funeral or a flexible memorial service.

Printing Services

Sacred Funeral Home also provides printing services to customers to help you organize funeral events. The company’s media experts can design and print your programs, pamphlets, flyers, and other print essentials. 

9. Lincoln Funeral Home and Memorial; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Lincoln Funeral Home and Memorial takes pride in years of excellent service in the industry. The company has provided compassionate support to families that bereave their loved ones in the Dallas community for 37 years. More so, the employees at this facility are all exceptionally welcoming and compassionate.

What Services Does Lincoln Funeral Home and Memorial provide?


The company provides various options to help families and friends bury a loved one. Some of the ways you can pay your respects include: –

  • Visitation
  • Viewing – with a closed or open casket
  • Funeral service – at the funeral home, church, or private residence
  • Graveside service – at a cemetery


Today, cremation has gained global approval as a means of burial amongst millions of individuals.  Lincoln Funeral Home and Memorial helps families organize a traditional funeral service before cremation. However, you can choose to have the service after the pyre with the urn present. 

The company can also help you place the urn in a cemetery or take it to your home.

10. Restland Funeral Home & Cemetery; the Best Black Owned Funeral Homes

There is not much anyone can do to take away the pain of losing a loved one. Even so, you can find professional help to ease the burden of making funeral plans. Restland Funeral Home & Cemetery provide means through which families can make funeral preparations easily.  The company offers solutions that allow you to spend more time improving the ceremony rather than planning.  

What Services Does Restland Funeral Home & Cemetery Offer? 


The company allows customers to choose a burial category that suits their needs.  They offer four burial packages. They include whispering waters burial package, Elite, Custom, Premium, and Standard packages.

The number of signature services and casket selection is different in each package. However, all the packages include the following: –

  • Professional services of the company director and staff
  • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral facility.
  • Embalming. 
  • Online guest book and full-length website obituary
  • Floral allowance.
  • Funeral coach and driver.
  • Signature services (video recording, family shuttle, twelve-point fold flag case, cap panel, and more)

11. Aria Cremation Service & Funeral Home; Black Owned Funeral Homes

Are you looking for an alternative way to honor your loved one? Aria Cremation Service & Funeral home in Dallas provides funeral services for individuals choosing cremation. It is a family-owned and operated business that offers uncomplicated dignified cremation services.

More so, the Aria Cremation and Funeral Home team of professionals has experience in serving families from different social and religious backgrounds. The company provides cremation services that incorporate all families, inclusive of their beliefs and other funeral needs.

What Services Does Aria Cremation and Funeral Home Provide?

The company’s highly trained professionals manage the crematorium, and they offer three levels of cremation services.

Simple cremation package 

This service is available 24/7, and the personnel respond fast to the first call. Direct cremation service also includes the following services:

  • Obituary composition and placement on Aria Home website
  • Sanitary care and refrigeration of your loved one
  • Simple alternative cremation container.
  • Temporary urn.

Cremation with memorial service

The celebration of life service includes everything in the direct cremation service. Additionally, the company provides filing of all legal documents, fetching of the disposition permit, and the death certificate of your loved one. 

Further, the company coordinates funeral service plans with crematory, cemetery, clergy, and other individuals involved in the final disposition of your loved one.

Funeral with visitation and cremation

The Aria honoring life service includes everything offered in the second level service. More so, Aria offers cremation jewelry, floral arrangements, custom printed materials, and urns to help eulogize your loved one. Further, the company provides dressing, cosmetics, and casketing of remains.


No amount of help can relieve the pain of losing a loved one, however, black owned funeral homes provide compassionate support. Additionally, funeral service providers help families have meaningful memorial services to honor their loved ones.

More so, funeral homes also provide options for individuals to plan. To help you ease the pain of losing a loved one, some funeral service providers coordinate community support groups.

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