The Best 4 Most Trusted Funeral Home in Houston, Texas

Brookside Funeral Home

Getting the best funeral home to take care of your loved ones as you go on with other funeral arrangements can be tricky at times. That is the time when you’re grieving, confused but need the best for your relative or friend. How do you know if this is the best funeral home that will meet your values? What do you look for in a funeral home before taking your departed friend there? Read on and get to know all these and much more. You’ll also learn about the trusted funeral homes in Houston, Texas, that will preserve the body of your loved ones without any challenge.

How Do You Know This Is a Funeral Home in Houston You Can Trust?

Before you settle for a funeral home in Houston, there are things you need to check on. Look at how they treat dead bodies, check on what happens behind the doors, and how they treat clients. But how do you know all these? You can do the following;

Tour the funeral home in Houston

If you want to know what happens in the facility, do impromptu tours. Booking for a chance to tour the facility will make them correct some mess which will cover the whole truth. Instead, go to the facility unannounced and ask them to show you around. If you realize the staff is reluctant to do so, it should be an eyebrow-raiser. 

Check on customers reviews

Another way you can know how good a funeral home is through customer reviews. A good funeral home with a professional team will get praises from all corners. Also, they’ll learn how to respond to critics online. But if there are several negative complaints about them, you should be careful with them.

Look at their year of experience

Just like any business, a funeral home with more years of experience knows how to handle customers better. Their services and operations are also way better than the just established facilities. That is because they have been through the ups and downs in the field and know what to do, when, and where. 

Ask for their reputation

You can do this through word of mouth from friends or relatives who’ve been to the funeral home before you. But in this digital era, you can check on their website and see what other clients say about them. On their website, you should also get all the critical information you need to ascertain how trustworthy the facility is. 

What To Look for In a Trusted Funeral Home in Houston

Some reasons make a funeral home a trusted one. Do you know of any? Here are some things you can look for in such a funeral home;

The reputation of the funeral home

For a funeral home to gain the trust of several people from different walks means it has a good reputation.  If it has a bad reputation, the first thing you should do is avoid it like no one’s business. But if it has a commendable reputation, you’re sure that your dead friend/ relative will get premium care all through. To know how people see/view the funeral home ask from friends or online on their website or social media pages.

The staff or team’s behaviors

When you lose a loved one, you’re under stress and trauma, a thing you’d not wish to happen to anyone on this earth. The least you expect from the staff in the funeral home is care and compassion and not rudeness. You also expect the team in this facility to be honest and professional at all times. If this isn’t there, then you need to think twice about them. 

You can test this through their customer care desk or give them a call and see how they handle you during this trying moment. If they sound rude on the phone, expect them to handle you the same way in person. But if the staff feel you in such times and are willing to go out of their way to ensure you’ve got a smooth experience during such moments, then you’re in the right place.

The kind of services they offer, their location 

If you lose a loved one in Houston, there’s no need to look for a funeral home in a distant area while you can get the same in your locality. Look for a suitable facility near you which will not add more expenses during this time. A nearby facility will also enable you to see the deceased any time you feel like ensuring the staff keeps the body per your expectations. 

You should also check on the kind of services the funeral home offers. Some offer counseling services, have a chapel and visitation. Others also have hearses, caskets and offer outdoor celebrations, reducing the struggle while looking for service providers; if you can get an all-round funeral home that’s affordable and next to you, the better.

The price range of the funeral

Although you want to give the deceased a befitting send-off, you’ve got to work within your budget. That means you don’t have to go to an expensive funeral home that will leave you strained financially. Remember, funerals tend to be costly, but you need to look for a funeral home with affordable caskets, memorials, and urns. To determine how much you’ll spend at the trusted funeral home you’re about to go to, ask for their price list. If they’re expensive, you can opt for another funeral home or outsource for services if they accept so. 

1. Brookside Funeral Home in Houston

This funeral home has been of great help to the people of Houston since 1930. They offer one of the best services that make your loved ones feel loved during their last days on earth. It has a big chapel with traditional pew style seating to accommodate at least two hundred guests. It has several venues that can allow various events and special occasions. 

This funeral home has a 290-acre memorial park which enables several big burial events. You can get their free online obituary and planning resources quickly. 

What they offer

The funeral home specializes in personal planning guides, celebrating a loved one’s life, and obituaries. It can also offer cremation events, an on-site cemetery, and upright headstones. You can also contact them when you want to do a mausoleum, flat marker, and scattering services. But don’t forget they also do video production, in-home visitation, black car services, and multicultural funerals at affordable rates. Since this funeral home operates all day throughout the week, you can take or remove the bodies of your loved ones at will.  

2. San Jacinto Funeral Home in Houston

Another Houston funeral home you can consider is this one. It has been operational since 1935, meaning it understands these services better. They’ll help you take care of your friend’s/relative’s funeral and cemetery program. That is because they know the process and plans during funeral and cemetery arrangements. That will give you enough time to concentrate on other important issues while grieving and also reduce your stress during these trying moments. 

The good thing about working with this funeral home is their professional team which is ready to help you out of your stress. Through them, you’ll get professional guidance and care that will help you cope with your loss. 

You’ll also be at greater peace with yourself for having given your loved one a befitting send-off and best care on their last moment on earth. That will act as a memory to you and those who valued the deceased. 

Services they offer

The team from this funeral home will help you handle the graveside, which is always challenging. They’ll also be in charge of the chapel, scattering, cremation, pre-planning, multiple urns, and celebrating the life of the departed soul. But they can also help you, honor veterans, do grief support, a life tribute video, and visitation of the dead. 

The funeral home will also do for you on-site cremation, memorial plots, headstones, mausoleums, and after-care services. All you need to do is contact them on time and work with the professional team. This funeral home functions from Monday to Saturday between 8 am to 5 pm, so you need to work within the timeline. It closes on Sunday, so you have to contact them earlier to avoid inconveniences. 

3. Felix H. Morales Funeral Home in Houston

You can also look for this funeral home in Houston and give your loved ones a respectful send-off. It’s been the go-to for the people around here for around 90 years and has close ties with the community. The team from this funeral home understands that you need to honor the deceased and create lasting memories of their last days on earth. For that reason, they approach stressful moments with great concern and care. The funeral home has a family-managed and crematory facility that’s modern and with the latest developments. You will not be overcharged in this funeral home, creating inconveniences in the last minutes when taking the deceased to their resting place. 

Services you’ll get

If you take your loved one to this funeral home, they’ll give you a tribute video, prepare the body for burial, dress, and casket. They will also keepsakes, can provide their hearse, flowers, standard casket, vehicle, prayer cards with photos, and prayers. You can also get a death certificate, burial services, crematory, veterans services, and cemetery. 

But if you wish to have an on-site crematory, urns, and international shipment, that’s also possible in the funeral home. Since it operates 24 hours a day, you can take or remove bodies at will. But ensure you contact them for clarifications. 

4. Klein Funeral Homes and Memorial Parks

Klein Funeral Homes are Houston’s oldest and the most trusted one owned by a family. It was established in 1922 and had five funeral chapels. It has a mausoleum, crematory, and monument services. It also has four perpetual care cemeteries and offers affordable services that every family can afford during these trying moments.

This funeral home has some of the experienced-licensed funeral staff you’d wish to handle you during the challenging moments. The good thing about this funeral home is that it cares for all the families during the trying moments regardless of race or religion. They can deliver flowers on your behalf to a bereaved family, make obituaries and planning services. 

You can also get means of transportation, embalming, viewing, and visitation. But if you want memorial services, hearse, or graveside services at an affordable rate, that’s also possible. This funeral home will print programs for you, give caskets, if need be, and prepare bodies well. 

Things You Need to Do Before Choosing a Trusted Funeral Home in Houston

If you realize your loved one is about to die. Or you want to choose your trusted funeral home before time; there are things you need to put right. Doing this will help you reduce the pressure and stress while grieving. Remember having used a funeral home before doesn’t mean it’s still the best. For this reason, you need to do some things right to have a memorable experience at the funeral home. To achieve this, do the following;

Consult with your family members and friends and come up with a budget

If you want to take your loved one to a trusted funeral home, you’ve got to understand that it requires reasonable amounts of money. Getting such sums can be tricky, especially after spending much time treating the deceased. To avoid going to a funeral home that will drain you financially, consult widely. Ask your friends or relatives what they’re able to assist you within and budget with the amount you’ve got at hand.

Avoid also taking the deceased to an expensive funeral home before getting the funds. Also, ask your family what they feel about a specific funeral home. Or if they’ve got a facility at heart which they’d like to use. After that, you can take the necessary steps.

Know your funeral rights

Although there are lots of confusion and psychological torture during a funeral, this shouldn’t prevent you from knowing your right. Remember, this is the time that some service providers can take advantage of the situation to make money from you. It’s also the time a person might mess with you without your knowledge. To avoid that, ensure you or a relative who’s bold enough or not seriously affected knows the price of the funeral home. Also, they should get a written price list during your visit and choose the kind of services you want without digging deeper into the pocket.

Have a list of the funeral homes around you and compare their prices and services

Since there are several funeral homes around Houston, don’t limit yourself to one. Instead, carry out a survey to know which one will meet your budget and the kind of services you require. To get this, you can check with the local funeral consumers alliance or go to different funeral homes around you for inquiries. Doing this will enable you to save some dollars or get better services that one facility may lack. But of course, you can get this information online on a funeral home’s website or contact them through calls. 

After doing this, you can pick the best facility which meets your requirements and then give the deceased the best care. But don’t forget to make an agreement through writings to avoid last-minute misunderstandings.


There are several funeral homes in Houston, Texas which offer different services. However, to get the best that is trusted, you’ve got to ask around from friends or check online reviews. To determine a trusted funeral home in Texas, you should check on their year of experience, staff, and location. After that, you can decide on where to take your loved one’s body. But don’t forget to work within your budget and go for the best services that will help you give the deceased a befitting send-off.  

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