The Best 5 Funeral Director School Texas

The Best Funeral Director School Texas

Is your career path along with the death-care industry? You will have chosen one of the most fulfilling courses because you can now support and help grieving families. Part of the course also demands that you consider and honor some of the wishes of the left. Mostly as you will come to learn, funeral service management has much to do not just with running a business but with the bereaved families and the community. It is why attending a funeral director school Texas and pursuing a degree course as an embalmer or director comes with both seriousness and a bucket load of passion. 

Why  School Choice  Matters

If your focus is on Texas, you might have to scour carefully and enroll only in the best of the best funeral service director school. And this means checking things such as school accreditation, licenses, student-to-teacher ratio, and facilities. A combination of these aspects often determines professional aptness. 

Another critical check is if the school attracts and accommodates diverse populations. The demographic factor is vital because you can instantly know that irrespective of the culture, age, gender, and even social-economic background, the graduates will still have to work with different clients. So having considered these and more aspects, here are some of the top-rated funeral director schools in Texas that I can recommend.

1. Amarillo College; the Best Funeral Director School Texas

Why does Amarillo College rank among the best funeral director schools in Texas? First, its courses prepare you for professionalism in preparation, embalming the body, and dealing with bereaved families. But it also considers public health, safety, and welfare during the entire process.

Mostly, trainees pass through training programs that prepare them to manage all aspects of a funeral, including preparation of funeral programs. But what stands out the most are the services this college offers. For example, it features an adult resource center, book store, and guiding and counseling facilities. Financial aid, disability, and testing services are also more available.

Amarillo Funeral Director College also has a highly functional science laboratory and library for an easy learning atmosphere. And finally, the ample parking space and the accessible entrance and exit areas enable students to come and go without commotion. 

2. Dallas Institute of Funeral Service; the Best Funeral Director School Texas

Dallas Institute of Funeral Service is located at 3909 S Buckner Blvd Dallas. For over a century, the school has been offering some of the best funeral director classroom and field-based learning programs ever.

The school provides a favorable 50:1 student-teacher ratio with a combo of classroom theory and real-life practicals. While here, you also meet a diverse student population enabling you to learn based on a broad demographic setting. The school also admits international students.

But the reason I recommend it is because of its concise academic programs. For example, in just about 15 months, you will have been through the program and ready for a real-life work situation.

The admissions process is also easy, and you can do it online. While the fee is affordable, you can also access financial aid and scholarships. If you would like to board, then you can apply for accommodation by filling an accommodation form.

Finally, the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service has the best customer support. They are welcoming and will walk with you through the entire program and even provide you a guided tour of the institute whenever you visit.

3. Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service; the Best Funeral Director School Texas

Another highly ranked funeral director school in Texas is the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service. The school is strategically situated at 415 Barren Springs Drive Houston, Texas 77090, and caters to a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds. Having been in existence since 1936, this school’s only major is funeral service. So, enrolling here prepares you for a career in both funeral service and embalming.

For practical lessons, the school has educational relations with Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical Branch. As such, you have hands-on experience in anatomical dissection, embalming, dressing, and cosmetizing of the departed.

The Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service also has some of the best facilities good for learning. In addition, you will access one of the best libraries and learning resources centers consisting of over 4500 volumes.

The school has evident minimum admission standards, which include an accredited four-year high school cert. Therefore, the fee is reasonable for the majority of students. However, the school also understands that not everyone has the financial muscle. Thus, to meet your education goals, you can request financial aid at the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service. Lastly, you get to learn through the most favorable school calendar with quarter breaks at the end of March, June, and September. 


4. San Antonio College; the Best Funeral Director School Texas

If there is any funeral director school that has a high enrollment, it is San Antonio. About 16000 students check in a given semester. But that is also because it also offers other majors besides the funeral director.

Why does it come tops as a funeral director school? Because it has been offering this program since 1961, and producing some of the most dedicated, committed funeral directors ever. The department also provides student membership under the University Mortuary Science Education Association and places you a step ahead in your career.

The college also has the best student learning facilities, including a modern library and institutional research center. It admits students from both far and wide, and if you are an international student, you can still call this place home.

San Antonio College has the most responsive, welcoming customer support team that quickly addresses any questions and concerns you might have.

For example, do you need fee payment info? The college’s portal has all this info, including payment plans and methods, financial aid, scholarships, and much more. The college admissions section also does its bit so dedicatedly, giving all the information you need before making that critical step.

5. Northeast Texas Community College; the Best Funeral Director School Texas

Northeast Texas Community College, which also offers a first-class funeral director course, is located at 2886 FM 1735 Mount Pleasant, TX 75455. At this school, you can access classes both in funeral directing and embalming. But there is much more.

Once you enroll, you also gain business knowledge and skills related to the funeral industry. But, of course, that is beside the technical know-how about physical death.

Also, if you enroll in funeral directing, you will be through the only course within no time, as the training takes a short ten months.

For those unable to attend physical classes, the school offers virtual online programs which are equally productive. But, you might ask, what about the practicals? In this case, you will have to do your internship at a local funeral facility or medical college near you.

Still, everything is under the close supervision of the school’s clinical lab instructor. In addition, the school’s accreditation is with the American Board of Funeral Service Education Standards. So, you will still visit the campus during your final semester.

Admissions are easy so long as you meet the minimum standards. The school also provides a campus tour once you request. And finally, Northeast Texas Community College also has some of the best facilities, including on-campus housing, library, bookstore, among others.


What Are the Benefits Of Enrolling For A Funeral Director Course

A degree course in funeral service management exposes you to a wide range of skills you would never have imagined. Apart from service to grieving families and investing in your funeral firm, professional training opens your up to immense networks from every corner. Here is a list of other solid skills you acquire as a funeral director student.

Mortuary Science Skills; Funeral Director School Texas

If you thought funeral directorship is all about running your firm, then you are in for a surprise. The course is comprehensive and covers such critical subjects as Thanatology. The topic includes the preparation of the body either for burial or cremation. you also get conversant with all the regulatory requirements that accompany the handling of a dead body 

Event Planning Skills; Funeral Director School Texas

Event planning is that surprise skill that you might never have anticipated in the first place. But yes, as you learn how to schedule that memorial service, this skill takes root and comes in handy in funerals and other events in your career.

Psychology; Funeral Director School Texas

Funeral directorship also has a lot to do with dealing with grief. In this case, you must master the art of calming families in crisis. Patience, leadership, and empathy should come naturally. You must provide the resources these people need to heal and eventually move on from the tragedy. 

Entrepreneurial Skills; Funeral Director School Texas

One of the lifelong skills you gain in this course is business management and entrepreneurship. Now, you are well-equipped to run not just your funeral service firm but any other business venture that could come knocking.

Cultural Skills; Funeral Director School Texas

A standard funeral service has much to do with the public and community. As already mentioned, you will first get familiar with diverse demographic exposure at school, which allows you to learn some of the cultural funeral practices of different communities.

The course also requires you to understand and have a working knowledge of other races, religions, and regions. With that, you are fully knowledgeable to handle burial options and the emotional and spiritual needs of the departed and the bereaved.

Qualities and Character Traits of a Good Funeral Director 

A funeral director’s career is not just for anyone. It would help if you cultivated a few personal traits to make it in the industry. So, what exactly do we ask of you? Besides physical preparation of the body for burial/cremation, you also must be:

An Intellectual

The academic requirements through rigorous coursework are critical to a qualified and professional funeral director. Therefore, most schools require that you undertake a four-year training course learning such topics as human anatomy, physiology, ethics, grief counseling, ethics, and law to qualify as such. 

Interpersonal Skills 

Being a funeral director, you will mostly interact with and handle people under emotional duress. It is a state requiring someone who is both sensitive and authoritative, in the same breath. 

Your leadership skills are critical that you do not have to cave in to any highly charged atmosphere through effective communication and listening. But, then, effective communication implies an ability to handle people from diverse backgrounds, including age, race, ethnicity, and religion.


I would say, if you do not have an iota of compassion in your blood, then perhaps this is not the career path for you. Why do I say so? Because, unlike any other environment, your clients need someone who can hold their hand. A person that can demonstrate that they hear and understand what a bereaved family is trying to say. You do not have to sympathize and show pity, no. instead, provide timely resources for healing 


Physical/Psychological Strength and Fitness 

Handling a funeral requires an active mind and body. Remember, there is a large portion of work addressing a deceased person. Whether it is embalming or dressing, you need the strength to lift, turn and work on a stiff body. Then again, it would help if you also overcame any weakness and aversion to decaying body tissues and organs. And like a surgeon, precision n takes precedence as you work methodically. But, mostly you will need the high discipline of the mind too. 

Good Business Sense 

More than anything, yours is a business to run. And so, you must equip yourself with excellent business and organization skills to succeed and make profits. Some of the very basic skills I could recommend are financial accounting and management. Then, research widely on market trends by keeping up with the industry news updates. Lastly, you must take all necessary steps to make your funeral firm a positive environment for clients.


Why does creativity matter in funeral service management? Because people now value the celebration of the life of the departed. And for you to bring your imagination to the table includes making the memorial service lively and worth remembering .for instance, you can even factor in bits and pieces which make the participants feel you care and are part of their grieving journey.

Lastly, See the Job as a Calling  

As you might already have discovered, this career path is not for the fainthearted. Only the strong in mind and body can handle the departed and have strength left to run the respective family. The more you consider it a gift, the more course you have to support many at their weakest and most vulnerable points in life.


Final Remarks 

Like any other school, a funeral service director school should have specific features. And in Texas, the mentioned above funeral service schools stand out for so many reasons. Top among the critical aspects are how long they have been offering this program, meaning they have the resources and the experience.

A check at the facilities also shows the most modern libraries, science labs, and accommodation. The schools are also attached to medical training schools and hospitals for your practicals. 

Meanwhile, as you embark on your funeral service director career, you must cultivate certain habits and characteristics to make it. First, remember you are running a business. However, you do not need that business acumen alone, but lots of discipline and empathy. Of course, it is a delicate balance but which ultimately leads to success in the industry.

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